Who We Are

The Banshee Bitches were born in a desert lined with broken hearts. We have all been there:

Didn’t we believe all the lies our spouses or lovers told us? Didn’t we cry oceans of tears?

And didn’t we wish them bad Karma until their dying day?

The Banshee Bitches have come to help out. Since Real Revenge is not OK or legal and not condoned by us, we have provided a safe and humorous way to help you cast out your wicked thoughts and replace them with some laughs instead. You can send them, share them with your Banshee bunch or keep them around for yourself when ever you need a pick me up.

We are hoping you are amused and delighted with our Banshee Bitches cards and will visit our site often as we have a bunch of cards, note cards, artwork, etc., waiting in the wings. You are also invited to post messages to our board and share accounts of your worst relationships, dates, comments or ideas.

Thanks for visiting our site!